Senior Java Engineer

Our engineering department is looking for a Senior Java Engineer to join our Java team and help us with a couple of big projects.

If you're an experienced professional who delights at the chance of growing digital products - join us and get an opportunity to do incredible work.

> 2,000.00 EUR
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You have a strong knowledge of Java landscape and architecture. Strategic thinking was a strong suit throughout your engineering career, and you are able to question the project direction and its processes.

Above all, you are a nice person who respects others and knows that teamwork makes the dream work.

Your career so far

You have been with Java long enough that you know how to make it work, even if it sometimes doesn't quite work. You know what it takes to build advanced applications that are primarily design-driven. You're someone who knows how to apply Java best practices to software architecture and application performance.

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You have:

  • 5 years of relevant Java experience
  • You've solved problems using a Spring Framework before
  • Experience with various AWS cloud provider services
  • Experience with Java build tools (Gradle, Maven)
  • Experience with Docker
  • Experience in working with relational databases (PostgreSQL)
  • A sense of humor and a desire to build new software

Bonus points if you’re familiar with:

  • Experience with Kubernetes
  • Experience with IaC tools (Terraform)
  • You've performed unit and integration tests with JUnit, Mockito, or other mocking frameworks
  • You’re familiar with Jira and Confluence
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At Neopix, we design and engineer digital products across industries: from medical, fintech, and SAAS to food, fitness, and real estate —you name it, we’ve probably done it. Our current clients are several global companies, some very cool startups, and a couple of big-shot finance management clients. We are looking for someone excited to be a part of a new team and move Neopix forward. The core of our software engineering is much like the world of software building itself. It starts with having a strong foundation while adding features on top of it and learning a lot in the process. We pay special attention to debugging and testing, and each of us has a sense of ownership in a team environment. As our Senior Java person, you'll be a key contributor to the growth and development of Java solutions that come out of Neopix. You are a natural when it comes to communication, you love to learn, and you have a big-picture approach to solutions.

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Here's your daily life at Neopix:

  • Engineering
    You will be responsible for architecting Java-based backend solutions and working on developing new features or modifying and scaling the existing ones. You will be working on Spring applications hosted in AWS and mostly rely on consuming external REST API services.
    You will closely work with the design team, participate in design reviews, and support their recommendations with your input. Your ideas and work will influence the approach to our architectural solutions and making technical decisions.
  • Communication
    An open and honest communication approach is your guiding principle. You use it to address what your team needs and expects. You set up meetings to inform, clarify, or collect any piece of input from clients and your team and present approaches in an impactful way.
  • Organization
    Work as part of both our in-house and global product development teams, with team leads and senior engineers at the helm. Collaborating and connecting with other departments at Neopix to get the whole picture of how we work (and because they're cool): Design, Management, QA, Engineering, and Analytics. Learning about our team's processes and the tools we're using step-by-step.

The teams at Neopix never work separately - our engineers are always a part of our creative process. More than 50 people share a physical and digital space at Neopix and work as one big happy unit: engineers, designers, illustrators, strategists, marketers, product managers, one CEO, and occasionally somebody's cat or dog.

A company trying its best

In today's world, work tends to become life, and life easily gets consumed by work. That's why, when it comes to being at Neopix, we made balance a priority. It means we give people the tools, guidance, and support for growing their careers with plenty of safety nets and encouragement. We are the wind beneath their wings.

We spent some time looking for the right mix of structure and flexibility. Seriousness and fun. Hard decisions and easy solutions. And we've come to the conclusion that a perfect workplace is where people do rewarding work and feel comfortable being back on yet another Monday.

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There are 4 sides to what it means to work here: financial bliss, career development, employee wellbeing, and your Neopix experience.

Your finances

Get paid fair and square to do the work you love.

You work with us - you get the best of us on all fronts. Everyone's hard work, talent, ideas, and effort will always be fairly rewarded. We foster open and honest conversations around salary, bonuses, and all kinds of money-related topics.

Full-time contract with full benefits

Along with a market-rate pay that matches your seniority on our job grading scale.


Loyalty (after we’ve done the math of our yearly revenue) and Performance bonus (this one’s all you).

Pay ranges

  • Team Lead
    €3,500.00+ Net (gross annual up to €70k)
  • Senior Engineer
    €2,000.00 to €3,000.00 Net (gross annual up to €60k)
  • Mid-level Engineer
    €1,250.00 to €1,750.00 Net (gross annual up to €35k)
  • Junior Engineer
    €750.00 to €1,000.00 Net (gross annual up to €20k)
Team Lead
€3,500.00+ Net (gross annual up to €70k)
Senior Engineer
€2,000.00 to €3,000.00 Net (gross annual up to €60k)
Mid-level Engineer
€1,250.00 to €1,750.00 Net (gross annual up to €35k)
Junior Engineer
€750.00 to €1,000.00 Net (gross annual up to €20k)

Your career

Look at Neopix as a platform for growth, learning, and doing good work.

What you do goes beyond a set of lists and tasks. That's why we make sure you have a 360 view of what problems those tasks solve in a grand scheme of things.


Long-term projects and a clear career path. Actively talk about and plan your career with the team. Work on your soft skills, or focus on areas you want to perfect.

Client work

Long-term projects and a clear career path. Actively talk about and plan your career with the team. Work on your soft skills, or focus on areas you want to perfect.


A more experienced team member helping you ease into our process and workflow.


A budget for tools, books, classes and conferences.

Your wellbeing

Work is important, but we’ll never let it stand between you and your life.

Good days or not-so-good days, we understand where you're needed the most. We support our people through their time off, hardships, and stepping into new life roles.

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Not more than 40 hours a week in a remote-friendly environment.


21 days of paid time off, adding up to 35 with public holidays, one summer team retreat, and closing up for the week during winter holiday season.

Family-first policies

Dads-to-be who work here get ten weeks, and new moms have up to a year of 100% covered parental leave.

Private health insurance

Everyone at Neopix has private health insurance, regardless of position or seniority.

Covered psychotherapy expenses

We cover your therapy expenses, as we care about your sense of wellbeing and foster a culture of openness around emotional self-care.

Recharge bonus

10 days additional time off at Year 5

3 mental health days

Everyone at Neopix has a chance to hit the pause button whenever they need to slow down.

Your Neopix experience

What sets us apart.

You know what we're talking about. Every company has it. Even though we all seem to look the same and sound the same, it's unique for almost any workplace and team. The secret sauce. The extra mile. The motto. The inside jokes. The "my way."

Hybrid and remote work

You don't have to move across the country for us.

Office life is back

We made sure ours is cozy, sunlit, and pet-friendly.

Latest tools

Hardware, software, accessories, chairs, and company swag.


Company events and team retreats with a purpose and a twist.

Neopix stuff

Lots of surprise stuff we can't really tell you about unless you join us.