Expanding medical frontiers

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Project Duration
  • 3 years
  • Athens, Greece
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Bookdialysis is an online platform that offers a convenient and easy way to book holiday dialysis for those with chronic kidney disease.

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The stressful experience before online booking engines

In the era before online booking engines, individuals who required dialysis had to conduct their own research and contact numerous clinics when planning to travel. This process could be extremely daunting, particularly when considering language barriers and the need to coordinate travel dates with the clinic's availability, resulting in a highly stressful experience.

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Connect renal patients with dialysis clinics worldwide for confident traveling

The primary mission is to support and empower patients and their loved ones to travel confidently, especially after the unprecedented global pandemic that has caused much disruption and uncertainty. Traveling can be challenging for patients with renal conditions, and finding the right dialysis clinic at your destination is critical. This is where the platform comes in, making it easy for patients to connect with the right dialysis clinic, no matter where they are in the world.

Streamlining dialysis booking

The application's key feature is to provide an easy and convenient way for individuals with kidney failure to schedule and book their dialysis treatments. Users can select their preferred date, time, and location for their treatment and view available appointments from various healthcare providers.

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Global clinics and hospitals in one place

Whether planning a vacation or traveling for business, provide a seamless experience to find and book dialysis over hundreds of registered clinics across 50 countries on 5 continents.

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“Our main focus while developing Bookdialysis was to truly understand our users and create a user-friendly flow for booking dialysis. Despite facing a few challenges, the journey was quite interesting and provided us with a valuable learning experience.”

Đorđe, Product Designer
Mockup preview of Bookdialysis website
Mockup preview of Bookdialysis website

Where have you not traveled to?

Booknowmed's ultimate goal is to establish itself as a brand name when it comes to booking medical treatments abroad. They strive to offer attractive traveling destinations that match their demographic's interests and eventually answer the question every traveler dreams of being asked.