Ordering made easy

  • Food & Beverage
Project Duration
  • 6 years
  • Singapore
  • Art Director
  • Product Designer
  • Illustrator
  • Motion Designer
  • Design Operations Manager
  • Frontend Engineer
  • Backend Engineer
  • iOS Engineer
  • Android Engineer
  • Software Tester
  • Project Manager

Distributor-vendor relationships are complicated. Orders get misplaced, invoices go missing, staying on top of everything can be a challenge, and the last thing anyone wants is that OUT OF STOCK sign creeping into their storefront or dinner menu. Why can't everyone just get along?

Enter OrderEZ

Built as a custom solution for easier communication between vendors on one side, and distributors on the other, OrderEZ lets users keep all orders, deliveries, and matching invoices in one place, neatly tucked into categories and folders and color-coordinated with labels. It simplifies collaboration, eliminates busy work, and lets businesses and restaurants do what they do best.

Storage shelves full of goodsMan in a storage lifting palettes

Organize, prioritize, hit send

The user dashboard is the main feature that keeps track of incoming and outgoing orders and deliveries and lets you have everything in one place. Users can see the status of all outstanding orders, expected delivery dates and have a choice of accepting or declining orders. The platform also houses a feature for discovering suppliers, brands, and products.

Mockup preview of the OrderEZ app UIMockup preview of the OrderEZ app UI
Mockup preview of the OrderEZ app UIMockup preview of the OrderEZ app UI
Mockup preview of the OrderEZ app UIMockup preview of the OrderEZ app UI
Mockup preview of the OrderEZ app UIMockup preview of the OrderEZ app UI
picture of a man in the kitchen looking at a laptop surrounded by collage of ez order app ui elements
Mockup preview of the OrderEZ app UI
Mockup preview of the OrderEZ app UI

“With data-heavy projects like this, great user experience means making content organized. Designers achieve it with visual hierarchy and information architecture, making it more readable and scannable. Features such as a customizable dashboard and invoicing system, as well as the one-button order placement, are the core of OrderEZ.”

Stefan, Design Operations Manager
Storage shelves filled with goods and parcels
Mockup preview of the OrderEZ app UI
OrderEZ App UI elements

Customizable dashboard

OrderEZ's customized dashboard empowers users to monitor orders, track inventory, and access a centralized hub for essential customer information. This feature helps businesses gain insights, improve workflows, and enhance customer service.

Mockup preview of the OrderEZ app UI

One-button order placement

An easy ordering system simplifies the process, saves time, and reduces errors by providing users with all necessary product information and the ability to quickly place an order.

Mockup preview of the OrderEZ app UI

Invoicing system

A sophisticated invoicing system enhances financial transparency, helps maintain accurate records, and minimizes errors by providing users with spending insights and the ability to verify shipment contents.

Collage of OrderEZ UI and various UI design elements

For those always on the move

Since the business of delivery and distribution involves constant traveling, our team approached the design with mobility as a primary point. It was important for all information, such as names, prices, and order numbers, to be seamlessly transferred to any screen size. To better align with this strategy, the design had to be approached from a mobile-first perspective.